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Endless "Never Gonna Give You Up" Birthday Card With Glitter

Endless "Never Gonna Give You Up" Birthday Card With Glitter

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Birthday card plays the famous "Never Gonna Give You Up" by Rick Astley non-stop until the battery dies! And yes, glitter inside when broken! 

  • Safe to open and sign
  • Able to test music
  • Loops at least 3 hours non-stop
  • Chunky glitter inside if broken
  • Watch the video and enjoy!

How do I mail this?

1. Open the card and write your own personalized message 
2. Start with adding the receivers address on the envelop
3. Insert the card into the envelop
4. Remove the tab 
5. Add the right amount of stamps and send it with your local postal carrier

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Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Toma Ralyte
Fantastic card!

Finally will get the chance to rickroll someone who had rickrolled me way too many times! And with this special card, on their 30th birthday - can it get any better? The card is beautiful, well printed, the sound is great and the instructions on how to prepare it for the surprise are very clear.

Natasha Sebree
Karte hat KEINE Musik gemacht!

Die Karte hat keine Musik gemacht!!! War sehr teuer und nicht funktioniert! Bitte um Rückmeldung!

Claus Marker

Endless "Never Gonna Give You Up" Birthday Card With Glitter

Anna Korshuk
The best!

It's best card ever!!!! Can't wait to give it to the birthday girl!!!! Thank you very much!

Tom Miersal

Sehr gut