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Endless Thank You Wine Bag

Endless Thank You Wine Bag

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The Endless Thank You Wine Bag plays a high-pitched Thank You song you have to hear to believe. There is no secret off switch. Even if they close the bag it will keep playing. 


  • Safe to open and put items inside bag (Designed to fit most wine or champagne bottles)
  • Once button is snapped close, remove tab
  • With tab removed and bag opened it will loop until battery dies


40 Tall x 10 Deep x 14 Wide centimers


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Customer Reviews

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Anatoliy Radyshchenko
Why did you close it?

I expected everything to come separately and not pre-packed already. You should consult your clients before doing something like that, or at least make it optional during the order.

Hi Anatoliy,

Thank you for your feedback. We always ship our products in their original package. Some customers have asked us for an extra service. With this service we write the card for them and send it directly to the address they request from us. This saves our customers time and even money, because they only pay shipping once.

I have just double checked your order. You actually paid us for this service and gave us a message that we had to write in your card. I'm sorry that this was not according to your expectations.